Informative and Analytical Services

KATEIA LLC » Informative and Analytical Services

KATEYA LLC implements successfully projects to minimize the client’s financial losses called «Credit Risk Assessment.» The product is a versatile tool that allows our customer to evaluate the potential contractor as soon as possible, to make a balanced business decision and to reduce the potential financial risks.

What options of counterparty verification we offer to our clients:

  • A comprehensive inspection with the issuance motivational report on the results of the conducted audit.
  • Express inspection.
  • Monitoring of the counterparty’s current activity.

The distinctive features of our product are:

  • Efficiency of information to be presented
  • A wide range of sources to obtain relevant information
  • We achieve high estimation accuracy due to differential and balanced approach to collecting of information.

Important! We are always ready to discuss individual conditions that will best fit your company requests to minimize its financial risks.