Provision of Services for Search and Dispossession of Property

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Dispossession is a way to return to the owner of the property from unlawful possession against the will of the debtor. There are two main methods of dispossession: an extrajudicial and judicial seizure of property.
The grounds for judicial dispossession are the replevin action, the court judgment and the writ of execution. The grounds for extrajudicial dispossession will be a contract whose terms provide an extrajudicial dispossession of property and the title deed issued to the property owner.

Our company is ready to organize full service on the procedure of dispossession:

  • legal analysis of documents and forming a strategy of dispossession;
  • search of the property and its subsequent seizure;
  • Organization of transportation, storage and sale of property throughout the Russian Federation.

Thus, only in 2013, professionals of our company have successfully implemented the dispossession of more than 200 units of machinery and equipment under leasing agreements, in extrajudicial manner as well as through enforcement proceedings.