Settlement of Debt Disputes at Pre-Trial Stage

KATEIA LLC » Settlement of Debt Disputes at Pre-Trial Stage

All similar processes are provided according to the standard scheme. Our experts are studying the documents on the rights of the creditor; discuss the feasibility of extrajudicial settlement of the dispute; collect full information about the debtor’s financial position (assets, contractors, partners, lenders, etc.); they look for methods of debt repayment, optimal in a certain situation (barter, cession); carry out claims proceedings and conduct all negotiations with the debtor.

Our company carries out the information analysis aimed at examining the circumstances of occurrence of the debt to initiate possible criminal proceedings against the debtor (fraud, other property offenses).

If the pre-trial recovery of the debt has not led to 100% recovery of the debt or foreclosure of the debtor’s property, then upon receipt from the court of Writ of execution, our company can continue to foreclose within the enforcement proceedings.