Support of Enforcement Proceedings (in any region of Russian Federation)

KATEIA LLC » Support of Enforcement Proceedings (in any region of Russian Federation)

Our company professionals provide:

1. Full legal support of enforcement proceedings in Federal Bailffs’ Service bodies — from submitting of an application to initiate enforcement proceedings to full recover of funds from the debtor;
2. Developing of strategy for collection enforcement proceedings basing on the individual features of each debtor;
3. We provide bailiffs for their successful order execution with available contact information obtained as a result verification and investigation activities;
4. We initiate joint visits of our lawyers and bailiffs to the debtor location to present the Debtor necessary decisions and to provide subsequent inventory of the property, if necessary;
5. In case of failure of the Debtor’s debt repayment, we organize collection of evidence to institute the criminal proceedings under Art. 177, 315 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code;
6. In the case of dishonest performance by the bailiff of his duties, we submit complaints and petitions to higher authorities of Federal Bailiffs’ Service and to Law Supervising Bodies.

Important! All support of enforcement proceedings is provided by former Federal Bailiffs’ Service employees, familiar with the intricacies of such operations.